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Professional freelance editing
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Professional freelance editing and writing
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Freelance editing.

Reports, websites and more

Cullinan Communications offers a professional freelance editing and writing service to suit your particular requirements. As accredited editors and writers, our role is to help clients to present information - sometimes highly technical - in a way that will appear clear and interesting to the targeted reader.

Services offered

Annual reports
Over the past five years, Cullinan Communications has edited and written numerous key annual reports, including for the RTA and Attorney General's Department, with clients contented and returning year after year. Links to relevant website pdfs are available on request.

Cullinan Communications was involved in the information mapping and formatting of procedures and policies for a new internal website for a major international bank. Other recent projects include writing a major new websites for Sydney University and the NSW Office for Science and Medical Research, plus reworking DoHA website material.

Scientific writing and editing
As a trained scientist, Anne Cullinan specialises in making scientific and medical information accessible to a wide range of readers. She delights in ensuring reports, theses, papers for journals, environmental statements or PowerPoint presentations are presented with clarity and accuracy, to the highest professional standard.

Annual reports Government and private sector documents, reports and handbooks
Policy documentation
Scientific writing and editing Books and training manuals
Websites Articles, brochures and newsletters

Reports, websites and more
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Cullinan Communications is a professional freelance writing and editing service. We are accredited editors and writers, with significant national and international experience.

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professional editing service

Professional writers are skilled wordsmiths, who present information with clarity, accuracy and inspiration. They use effective Plain English to engage the target audience and convey the message with precision.

Accredited Editors have passed the rigorous exams of the Instsitute of Professional editors. They present your work in the best possible light and to the highest professional standard.
Professional freelance editing and writing service
Cullinan Communications