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Plain English

Cullinan Communications offers a professional freelance editing and writing service to suit your particular requirements. We are accredited editors and writers . . .  read more »

Writers, Editors and Others
Professional writers are skilled wordsmiths, who present information with clarity, accuracy and inspiration using effective English to engage the target audience . . .  read more »

Reports, Websites and More
Cullinan Communications has edited and written numerous key annual reports and was involved in the information mapping and formatting of procedures and policies for a new internal website for a major international bank . . .  read more »

How We Work
We draw on a range of associated skills, from project management and graphic design to indexing and proofreading. Our people are used to working on highly confidential products . . .  read more »

Our Experience

Anne offers clients a service of the highest professional standard. Her scientific training, writing flair and technical knowledge combine to offer a unique platform of skills . . .  read more »

Satisfied Clients
Here are some comments from clients endorsing the Cullinan Communications service and product delivery . .  read more »

Contact Us
Email, telephone and fax links to Anne Cullinan . . .  here »

Privacy Policy
Privacy information for Cullinan Communications Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia . . .  here »

Cullinan Communications - Site map
Site map.